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The guitar lessons are going well. I’ve almost mastered ‘Wish You Were Here’, I’m getting much more used to the general chord shapes and progressions now, the calluses on my left fingertips are really coming along and the neighbours have only complained twice.

Other than that, Chiang Mai is wet most days but only for an hour or so and then it’s just a bit overcast. Still nice and warm. And this is a beautiful city any way. I’ve got myself into a nice routine or slight insomnia, breakfast at midday, playing a bit of guitar, watching YouTube videos, eating dinner at around 5pm, getting hungry again around midnight, then being unable to sleep because I’m too hungry, so watching more YouTube videos.

Although, saying that. Yesterday I went for a run, and today I drove up to a temple called Doi Su Thep which has amazing views over the city (pictures to follow another time). I’m also not drinking at the moment, except on days when Britain is represented in a major sporting event, such as tennis, rugby or cricket. It’s nice to have methodical controls like that.

I am actually making moves out of being a slob though. I’m eating very healthily, exercising, drinking lots of water and things like that. I might as well try some self improvement, as I don’t have much else to do and therefore no excuse.

I’ve booked my flight to Sydney for 25th July and I’m being collected at the airport by my long lost cousin Daniel, which will be a lot of fun, and then we’re hoping to drive up to Brisbane together alongside by friend from home Joe Leach. After that, it won’t be long before I’m in New Zealand where I could be joined by my FX Dealer brother Joseph.

The months ahead are looking exciting!

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